Trifecta Poker Playing Cards engage the Trifecta in Horse Racing of Win, Place, and Show.

A Powerful blend of Horse Racing, Classic Poker games rules and all original Artwork

The Rules

Trifecta® Poker Hand Rankings

Trifecta® Poker can be played using almost any variation of common Poker Play rules.

The Key to Trifecta® Poker is that the winning hand is based on a Trifecta of winning Horse Cards. 

Dealer shuffles the 52 Cards and draws 3 different Horse Cards in a vertical display outward from the POT known

as the  Trifecta Flop.  After each play the cards are shuffled and a new Trifecta Flop is drawn.

The First Horse drawn is the Winning Horse, the 2nd is the Place and the 3rd is the Show - aka WPS.

For a Superfecta game a 4th Horse is drawn.  Duplicate Horse cards if they appear in the Flop are returned to the deck.

Dealer then re-shuffles the remaining deck and deals 5 cards to each player.

Players may now hold pat their original cards or draw from one to four new cards from the deck.

The Player with the highest combinations of Trifecta, Quinella, or WPS card combinations wins. A Trifecta is all three winning horses, a Quinella is the Win and Place horses, and the WPS are any horses in the money.

WPS combinations are ranked by the highest number of Horse cards in the money without a Trifecta or Quinella.

All Trifecta® Poker hand rankings can be improved by also holding typical Poker combinations as shown below:

For instance no. 1 : A Trifecta with a pair of any horses beats a Trifecta with no pair.

For instance no. 2: A Win horse with three of a kind beats a Win horse with a pair.

If NO players hold WPS Cards typical Poker Hand rankings are won as follows:

Four of a Kind - Four of the same Horse cards.

Full House- Three of a kind and a pair. The player with the higher value three of a kind, wins in the event of a tie. If both players have the same three of a kind then the player with the highest pair wins.

Straight -Five cards of any horses in ascending order with the higher straight wins the tie.

Three of a Kind- Simply three cards of the same horse.

Two Pairs of Horses - The player holding the highest pair takes the pot in the event that more than one player is holding two pairs. If two players are both holding the same two pair then the player with the highest fifth horse (i.e. the kicker) takes the pot.

One Pair of Horses-Two cards of the same horse.

HIGH Horse -Highest card takes all in the event there is a complete absence of the above hands.